Thursday, October 4, 2007

The case for alcohol sales in Rockwall

I wrote a few weeks ago on the fact that beer and wine sale is on the ballot in several parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Sadly, it looks like folks on either side are digging their heels in on the matter in often juvenile ways.

Now, Bill O'Brien contributed this intelligent and witty piece to today's Dallas Morning News in favor of legalizing the sale of beer and wine in Rockwall, TX. Hopefully, it will convince some of the neoprohibitionists around here that having beer on the store shelf might not be such a terrible thing after all. Make sure you give it a read.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Belgium Brewing Co.'s "Tour de Fat" to conclude in Austin, TX.

I just found out about this. On Oct. 20, New Belgium's Tour de Fat makes its final stop in Austin. There will be beer, wackiness, and folks on bikes out in the Fiesta Gardens from about 11 AM, for the benefit of the Yellow Bike Project, the Austin Cycling Association, and the Austin Ridge Riders. There will be live music, too, performed by the Reals, the Asylum Street Spankers, the March Fourth Marching Band, and the Handsome Little Devils. Read about it here!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Abita Pecan Sighting in SC Blog

For a delightful, adorable look at life in Charleston, SC, check out Sri's blog Lowcountry Living. Apparently, you can get Abita Pecan out in South Carolina. She just posted on the beer about a month ago. She describes it in a comment:
It's actually not bad! Very autumny in flavour. There is just a subtle taste of pecan...A pleasant orangey-red colour. And it's Abita. It's no DogFish Head, but refreshing and palatable. Quite palatable.
Nice blog, Miss Sri! And keep drinking good craft beer!