Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oktoberfest beers from Rahr and Saint Arnold are featured in today's Beer Sphere.

Today in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Barry Shlachter put in a good word for the new Rahr Oktoberfest and our old friend Saint Arnold Oktoberfest.

About these two Texas Oktoberfestbiers, he had this to say:
Rahr & Sons, the just south-of-downtown little brewery that could, has done it again, producing a delicious, burnished-copper Marzen that competes with the best of them.

Think of the aroma of a loaf of rustic artisan bread ripped open when it's still warm. Rahr's Oktoberfest Fall Celebration Lager is light enough not to overwhelm a main course, yet provides enough flavor to satisfy.

Also making a comeback is another Texas-crafted Marzen, Saint Arnold Oktoberfest from Houston. This is a very carbonated, very malty beer that's light-to-medium-bodied, with a slightly different, somewhat sweeter, flavor profile. The secret to the difference: Saint Arnold uses an ale yeast. Purists might object, but there's no denying that this is a tasty and innovative little brew from the Bayou City.

(Rahr's version, by the way, is a true lager, even though it's labeled "ale," because Texas' anachronistic liquor laws require suds over 4 percent alcohol by weight to be labeled either "ale" or "malt liquor.")

Make sure you try this new Rahr beer, and be sure to stock up on the Saint Arnold treats as well.

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